Thursday, September 6, 2018

Cinderheim: What the Book Looks Like

Is running a Forgotten Realms campaign causing you to make this face behind the DM screen? Be troubled no more! Buy Cinderheim: The Land Under the Demon Sun for a quick cure for the vanilla D&D blues.

But really, your support is appreciated. I don't do Kickstarters or Patreons because I don't want you to invest in my stuff ahead of time. I want you to buy my game stuff when it's done, and then only if it looks like something you will have fun with

The best way to support what I do is word of mouth--tell people about it on social media if you want, talk about my books in places I don't frequent like, Enworld, Reddit, write a review on DriveThru or your blog, but most of all use these things to get a game going. These are truly DIY productions, and there is no better compliment than to see people getting something out of them.

Someone on G+ asked me if I could post some pictures of what the print copy of Cinderheim: The Land Under the Demon Sun looks like, and I'm happy to oblige.

 Front cover

 This is a pretty good example of what you can expect from the interior layout in terms of organization and use of bullet points.

 Full page art by Michael Gibbons.

 Full page art by Wayne Snyder.

 Random tables and rules hacks.


Back cover.

Cinderheim: The Land Under the Demon Sun is available for purchase in print and pdf at DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.