Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Ring and Wand Society

The Ring and Wand Society
A faction in Krevborna

The Ring and Wand Society is a secretive cabal of scholars within Creedhall University that studies the fey and their descendants. The Ring and Wand Society is mostly comprised of faculty from Creedhall University, but they do admit the occasional student who shows the right combination of promise and discretion. The Society’s end goal is to endow themselves with the longevity of the fey. To arrive at this desired result, the Ring and Wand Society pays monster hunters to capture fey creatures and elves for examination and dissection. They also abduct human victims to test their formulae upon in hopes of perfecting their methods without endangering themselves through self-experimentation.
    • Motto. “To know the truth of life we must never die.”
    • Belief. The strange longevity of the fey can be obtained by those who dare to explore fringe sciences.
    • Goal. Steal the powers of the fey to initiate the next phase of evolutionary advancement.
    • Quest. Abduct an elf for experimentation.