Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Golgotha Lodge

The Golgotha Lodge
A faction in Krevborna

The Golgotha Lodge is a cult of monster hunters. However, unlike most slayers, they revel in the hunt itself and the glory of primal bloodshed. Each member of the Golgotha Lodge dreams of shedding the trappings of society by acquiring the curse of lycanthropy. They view lycanthropy as freedom from the effete and enervating burdens of civilization. To the hunters of the Golgotha Lodge, the bestial rages and bloody dreams that often accompany lycanthropy represent a savage, but vital, existence superior to the world of laws created by society.
    • Motto. “Blood makes the beast.”
    • Belief. Civilization has made humanity weak and should be abandoned.
    • Goal. Overcome moral limitations by embracing a more monstrous nature.
    • Quest. Hunt a fearsome wereboar to its lair.