Sunday, May 29, 2022

Strahd Loves, Man Kills Issue Five Now Available!

Strahd Loves, Man Kills, my Ravenloft zine, is back with its fifth issue!  32 pages of content, cover art by Tenebrous Kate! I will also send a pdf version of the zine to the email address attached to your order!

This issue's contents include:

Lurid Locations explores three insidious sites: the Shadowlands, Ohrbach Tower, and the Scholomance.

Forged in Shadow details several magical items fit for Ravenloft’s macabre atmosphere.

Baleful Backgrounds presents three new backgrounds for characters: doctor, doomed royal scion, and gravedigger.

Seeds of Evil outlines several adventure seeds you can use to craft scenarios set in Ravenloft.

Portraits of the Damned presents two nonplayer characters for use in your games: Lady Edwina Thrush and Karlin Stroud, two inveterate sinners who have been transformed into demons by incursions from the Abyss.

Cryptic Alliances adds two additional factions to Ravenloft, one from my home campaign and an update of the Unholy Order of the Grave.

Wicked Wanderings adapts the Sword Coast’s factions to the Land of the Mists.

Tragic Heroes focuses on unorthodox champions you might create as characters for games set in the Domains of Dread.

Forbidden Tomes provides a bibliography of ghost stories for your edification and entertainment.

Check it out!