Sunday, April 7, 2024


Assuming you don't go blind staring at the eclipse, maybe you've got a second to check out BLACK SUNSHINE, the first supplement for PLANET MOTHERFUCKER

(Note: you'll need to have "show me adult content" checked on your Drivethru account for those links to take you where you need to go.) 

What's in BLACK SUNSHINE? It's packed full of the outrageous content you've come to expect from the premier psychoholic post-apocalyptic trash culture rpg:

  • New character types to cause mayhem with! Doctor Feelbad, Hoodlum, Looter, Murderist--all total shitheads.
  • Rules for vehicular combat and chases!
  • Dirtbag NPCs for your scummy characters to pal around with! A drunk bear! A big-breasted alien babe! A fuckin' caveman! And more!
  • Seedy adventure seeds! Many involving strip clubs!
  • LOOT!!! A Kool-Aid man suit that lets you smash through walls! Russian steroids! A big fuckin' gun! And more!
  • Lotsa random tables!
  • A FAQ of dubious value!
This shit will put hair on your chest.

And just as a heads up, this is the first of a whole pack of PLANET MOTHERFUCKER supplements coming your way this year. DEMONOID PHENOMENON drops this summer, to be followed by LIVING DEAD GIRL before Halloween. Something called PUSSY LIQUOR might show up and wreck the party at some point too. Put your helmet on, if you know what I mean.