Misc. Setting Posts

Beowulf But with the Xenomorphs from Aliens
The Brontes
B/X Mars Using 5e D&D
Charles Dickens, Warhammer Game Master
Dirtbag Dragonlance
Finding Inspirations Elsewhere
Fin de Siecle Lovecraftiana
Five Things to Do with Isle of the Unknown
H(arry) P(otter) Lovecraft
Hollywood Gothic
Jack of All Trade's Pulau-Pulau
King Diamond's Curse of Strahd
Lord Byron's Eldritch Deformity
The New New Crobuzon Challenge
The Other Boleyn Witch
Other Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings
Races & the Fears of Mankind
A Ring Thrice Blackened
Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt
Sauron, The Great Old One
The Sporting Life of the Mind Flayers

Dirge of Urazya

A Plethora of Planescape

Let's Read Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Chapter One: What is Eberron?
Chapter Two: Welcome to Khorvaire
Chapter Three: Races of Eberron
Chapters Four and Five: Dragonmarks and Magic Items
Chapter Six: Sharn, the City of Towers

B/X Mars
Paean to the Red Planet

Introduction and Overview
A City of Confluence
A City of Diversity
A City of Authorities
A City of Artifice
A City of Entertainment and Perils
A City of Institutions
A City of Crime
A City of Cults and Nexus
The City's Songs
The Gangs of Umberwell
Necrophagous Fever
The Nine Hex-Marked Houses
The Role of Adventurers in Umberwell
Umberwell Backgrounds
Unusual Ways of Arriving
The People's Covenant
The Goddesses of the Covenant
Church of Radiant Hope, Risen Temple, Vidna Obscura
Willing Vassals, Skyclad Cathedral, Shrine of Calamity
Aasimar, Birdfolk, Catfolk
Azurites, Centaurs, Changelings
Dragonborn, Dwarves, Elves, Firbolg
Dreamers, Elephantfolk, Hybrids
Froglings, Gith, Goblinoids, Gnomes
Goliaths, Half-elves, Halflings, Half-orcs
Humans, Jinnasi, Kobolds, Lizardfolk
Orcs, Ravenfolk, Serpentfolk
Tieflings, Tritons, and Turtlefolk
The Circle
The Concordia
The Defiant Collaborative
The Destined
The Knights of Ruin
The Maelstrom
The Misericorde
The New Progress
The Salon Sublime
The Scourge
The Third Eye
The Ashford Twins and Patterson Creed
The Gang Leader and the Assassin
The Cult Leader and the Bartender
The Outlaw and the Warlock