Thursday, June 17, 2021

Space Vampires of Mars

I've been reading a lot of Vampirella comics lately. The thought struck me: if Dynamite can have Vampirella team-up with Dejah Thoris, why not make a Space Vampire class for Aos's B/X Mars setting? The following class is presented with Aos's seal of approval; it just might appear in a supplement currently in the works. 

Also, did you know that Drivethru is discontinuing the format that the B/X Mars book is printed in? If you want a copy, do it before the end of the month!

* * *


A traveler from the Vampire Planet in a far-away solar system who has crash landed on Mars.

AC starts a 5 and goes down by one on odd levels.

Prime Attribute: Charisma. A Space Vampire with a 13+ in Charisma receives a +10% bonus to all experience awards

Hit Dice: D8

Starting hit points = Charisma

At first level:

Beguile: A Space Vampire can exert powers of animal magnetism over living creatures who are sentient and understand language. The target of a Space Vampire’s beguilement must make a Saving Throw vs. Warp. On a failed save, the target will try to reasonably accommodate the Space Vampire’s requests, but will not put tempt death on their behalf. This effect lasts for an hour. Creatures with more Hit Dice than the Space Vampire are immune to this ability. A Space Vampire can Beguile a number of times per day equal to 1 + their Charisma modifier.

Vampiric Immortality: Once they reach adulthood, Space Vampires cease aging and can live indefinitely. Space Vampires take damage when deprived of food and water, but they cannot die from deprivation; at worst, they are reduced to a single hit point. Most eventually succumb to either ennui or violence. Additionally, a Space Vampire’s fangs can be used to deal 1d6 points of damage to any creature that has blood, is biological, and is living.

Note: Like Terrans, Space Vampires do not gain access to the normal skills Martians possess (see page 9) until they reach 3rd level.

Beginning at level 2 and every other level thereafter, the Space Vampire may select one Mastery. The Space Vampire fights as fighter.

Space Vampires use the Princess’s Saving Throw table. (They'll have their own bespoke Saving Throw table in the final version.)


The following Mastery options are available to Space Vampire characters:

ALIEN HUNGER (Space Vampire) Any blood a Space Vampire consumes counts toward their daily water requirements. Additionally, when a Space Vampire drinks a living creature’s blood, they regain 2 hit points.

BATWINGS (Space Vampire) The Space Vampire can cause bat-like wings to sprout from their back at will. These wings give the Space Vampire a flying speed of 30’.

NOCTURNAL SUPREMACY (Space Vampire) When the sun sets, a Space Vampire’s  Strength becomes 19.

SHROUD OF MALKUTH (Space Vampire) This ability allows the Space Vampire to become invisible for ten minutes. Success against unwitting targets is automatic. Active searchers must make a successful Saving Throw vs Warp to locate the Space Vampire. This Mastery can only be used once per day.