Friday, April 1, 2016

Howls of the Damned: Amber Asylum, Batushka, Wolvserpent, Raison d'etre

What I've been listening to lately.

Amber Asylum, Sin Eater
For 20 years now, the quartet from San Francisco has been known for an introspective, abysmal mixture of neo-classical music, Dark Ambient and Doom spanning all genres.

Batushka, Litourgiya
An intriguing project that combines elements of black metal, doom, and Orthodox chant.

Wolvserpent, Aporia​:​Kāla​:​Ananta
Blending the poignancy and atmosphere of classical music, folk and drone with the drive and aggression of doom, black, and death metal, Wolvserpent achieves levels of dynamic contour, innovation, and progression over the course of this single continuous song that are rarely found in any genre.

Raison d'etre, The Empty Hollow Unfolds
The darkened shadows cast on 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' are of an eerie, almost sinister allegiance, as if the maw at the center of infinity is yawning wide and the haled breath freezes souls; brittle souls that shatter before the immense veracity of such imposing internal devastation. Bones clang over chain-link fences. Metal creaks unsteadily. Bleak is an understatement.