Monday, July 25, 2016

Gothic Fantasy Adventure Generator

Whenever I need the framework for an adventure or am stuck for something to insert into the Krevborna campaign, I roll seven d20s and use the results to complete the sentence in the top row of this table:

So, let's say I roll 12, 7, 5, 5, 5, 4, 20. That gives me the following adventure seed to build on:

"A patient fey is trying to derange a disciplined constable in a crumbling tower."

That's more than enough to riff off of; from here, start asking questions of the sentence to build outward: 

Why is the fey trying to drive this constable insane--did they do something against the fey long ago since the fey has been 'patient'? 

Why is the goal to drive the constable insane--is their disciplined nature what they value most about themselves and the fey wants to take that away?

What is the tower? Is it a guard tower now besieged by fey incursions? A pagan site the constable once defiled in some way? A trap that the constable has been lured into in a remote location?

Feel it out, sketch it down, fill it in. You're ready to go.

Note: You can swap columns two and five or columns one, four, and six for even more options.