Friday, August 5, 2016

Principles and Goals for Krevborna

It's not unusual for modern RPGs to offer some guiding principles and goals for how to play the game. It makes sense for the author of a game to give you their insight into how it works and what the best practices are.

This is like that, but a little different.

Below is a reminder about running games set in Krevborna, written by me to me. I've run enough sessions to have an idea of the things I'm doing well enough, the things I could do better, and the missteps I've made along the way. 

Principles and Goals for Krevborna: How to Run this Game

Play to Unravel the Darkness
Krevborna is a land oppressed both explicitly and covertly by the forces of evil. The goal of the game is to see how the characters push back against the darkness. It doesn't have to be easy, but it should be both possible and a goal that becomes worth pursuing for them. You want to see them struggle, and you want to see them succeed.

The Devil is in the Details
Keep an eye on:
  • Asking for intent and method before letting the dice fall.
  • What the players take an interest in—shine the spotlight on that.
  • What NPCs are doing. Do not let them out of your sight!
  • Keep pushing the various factions' agendas, especially where they intersect or contradict what the players' characters are pursuing.

Keep the World Haunted

Drench the setting in Gothic description. Go darker. Press hard on fear and horror. Unnerve with the uncanny. Play with madness. Never show too much; keep the shadows close.