Friday, August 19, 2016

Youtube Theatre: The Best DM Advice

Ah, Youtube, home of cat videos and the most venomous comment sections known to mankind. But, there's also some folks making decent videos with advice for their fellow DMs about running games. I don't agree with everything said in the videos posted below, but these are my picks for the most helpful videos of this sort.

Being Everything Else playlist (Adam Koebel and Steven Lumpkin. This series of videos is a good walk-through for the starting DM; they cover the basic of what a DM does, the best ways to prep for a game, how to make memorable NPCs, etc.)

Running the Game playlist (Matt Colville. Another good series for the beginning DM, especially if you're planning on playing D&D specifically; he covers expectations for your first session, how to make the starting location for your game, etc.)

Office Hours playlist (Adam Koebel. Koebel answers questions sent in by viewers; he hits a wide variety of topics from how to use cinematics in your game to how to be confident speaking in front of your players.)

Matt Mercer's DM Tips playlist (Matt Mercer. General advice, mostly with a modern D&D flavor. Covers things like how to build social encounters, and how to roll with it when your players do unexpected things.)

RPG Discussion Topics & Advice playlist (aFistfulofDice. This series is a bit scattershot, but has interesting videos on how to introduce new players to RPGs and how to be a better roleplayer.)

Hack Attack playlist (Adam Koebel and Steven Lumpkin. This series is all about how to hack an existing game to get the experience you want out of it. This is based in real-world application, as you get to watch them hack 5e D&D, Shadowrun, and Star Wars for their Rollplay shows on Twitch.)