Friday, December 30, 2016

Mater Monstrum

Legends foretell the coming of a woman who will be known as the Mater Monstrum. She will become the bride of either a diabolic or demonic being; she will then birth a horde of unthinkable monstrosities that will usher in the last reign of darkness.

Plot hooks
  • If the players can figure out who the Mater Monstrum is, how would they go about making sure that she doesn't fall into the sway of a powerful demon or devil?
  • Would it be best to kill her before she becomes the Mater Monstrum? What if she is an innocent and this fate is not of her choosing? Is it better to sacrifice her for the greater good of Krevborna?
  • Might it be possible to play devil and demon against each other as they both attempt to claim the Mater Monstrum for their side?