Thursday, December 13, 2018

Unusual Ways of Arriving

As much as I like player characters that are custom-made with the aesthetics of the setting in mind, I don't mind at all when someone wants to bring their character from another setting into one of my campaign worlds. Here's some ideas about how a "foreign" character might arrive in Cinderheim, Krevborna, or Umberwell:

As the light fades from their eyes and they seemingly breathe their last, a character may unexpectedly discover that their life has not ended—they instead live on in Cinderheim. This strange resurrection most often occurs to people who died heavily laden with sin or with unfinished business. For these characters, Cinderheim is undoubtedly a purgatory where they untangle their unresolved traumas.

The roiling, impenetrable, and unnatural fogs of Krevborna sometimes act as conduits between worlds. These horrid fogs warp the fabric of reality, creating temporary portals or gates that abduct creatures from other worlds against their wills. A person who becomes disoriented and lost within what they believe to be a mundane fog or bank of gray mist might emerge to discover that they have been deposited in the nightmare lands of Krevborna.

Although a rarity, some denizens of Umberwell contend that they fell asleep elsewhere in the world—or on other worlds or planes entirely—only to find that they dreamed of a second life in Umberwell. Some say that their dreams only take them to Umberwell intermittently and apparently at random. Others claim to live entire lifetimes in a different waking world, only to return to Umberwell each night in the reverie of sleep.