Sunday, June 5, 2016

Love Holocaust

The comic I wrote is now available from Soleilmoon: Love Holocaust. Of all the weird things I've made money writing, this is probably the weirdest. Looks like the deluxe hard-bound is already sold out, and the soft-bound is going fast.

"Love Holocaust is a 12 page fan-fiction comic book describing an imaginary romantic encounter between Douglas P (Death In June) and Boyd Rice (NON). The story, written by J. Guignol, draws inspiration from Death In June’s legendary songbook. Illustrator Tenebrous Kate turned the story into a comic book, and has lovingly hand-made each copy. The covers are hand-printed linocuts with gold ink on black paper. Limited numbered editions of 27 hard-bound and 50 soft-bound copies."

Here's what Dangerous Minds has to say about it.