Monday, March 6, 2017

Unwelcome Guests in the Malcovat

The Setting: Secreted deep within the imperious peaks of the Nachtmahr Mountains lies the black stone school known as the Malcovat. The Malcovat is unlike any other school in Krevborna, for it is a place where fiends and nefarious occult scholars teach the ways of black magic to students selected for their inherent aptitude in the dark arts. For many students of the Malcovat, it is an unwholesome prison; for others, it offers untold freedom.

The Characters:

  • Annabelle Rykov, a human student of magic specializing in the unhallowed arts of necromancy
  • Jezamine Nikovich, an eladrin student who has made a pact with the Black Faun

Objectives: Explore an unfolding mystery within the school.


  • After a particularly difficult-to-follow day-long lecture about divination from Professor Crowley, Annabelle and Jezamine decide to sneak about the corridors of the Malcovat under the cover of darkness so that they might learn more of their school's hidden mysteries.
  • The duo spot a classmate, a young witch named Svetlana, unlocking a side entrance to the school and ushering in a number of hunch-backed figures whose faces and bodies are obscured by black cloaks. Annabelle and Jezamine peer from behind a statue of a horrible demon, watching intently as the figures head up the stairs toward the ladies' dormitories.
  • As Svetlana is re-locking the side entrance, Jezamine uses her natural fey stealth to appear behind her classmate and accost her as to who she was granting access to the school. Svetlana spins a tale of being designated to let in a cohort of upperclassmen who had planned to spend the evening frolicking with abandon in the woods, but Jezamine knows the girl is lying. 
  • Being pressed harder for answers only angers Svetlana, who lashes out at Jezamine. The ensuing magical duel proves deliciously unfair, as Svetlana had no idea that Annabelle was still hidden behind the statue. Annabelle, the crueler of the pair, using a spell that conjures a spectral hand that grasps at Svetlana's throat, choking her until the light dies within her eyes and her soul withers to ash.
  • Is the use of a fatal spell against a fellow student grounds for dismissal? A demerit? Or perhaps worthy of academic recognition? It's hard to tell at the Malcovat.
Note: this game gets played out in small sessions of about an hour to two hours.