Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Strahd Loves, Man Kills #2 Now Available!

Ah, the first day of fall...a certain crispness tinges the air, which can only mean that the second issue of Strahd Loves, Man Kills, my Ravenloft fanzine, is now available for purchase! This zine was inspired in equal parts by my enduring love of the Ravenloft setting and by the recent release of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. My hope is that SLMK will give you new toys to play with and inspire your own unique take on Ravenloft.

The second issue features 28 pages of content. The zine is professionally printed by the fine people at Best Value Copy. Additionally, I will send a pdf version of the zine to the email address attached to your order! If you buy a copy soon it should get it to you well before Halloween.

This issue's contents include:

Lurid Locations explores a Wild West-themed version of Nova Vaasa.

Baleful Backgrounds presents two new backgrounds for characters: dandy and inquisitor.

Seeds of Evil gives advice on using the adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries in the context of a Ravenloft campaign.

Cryptic Alliances revisits and updates seven classic factions and secret societies from Ravenloft’s prior iterations.

Portraits of the Damned details Donesta Sangino, a villainous artist who crafts monsters from paint and canvas, and the Viscount, a drow gunslinger haunted by his violent past.

Tragic Heroes focuses on grim gunslingers you might create as characters for games set in the Domains of Dread.

Forbidden Tomes provides a bibliography of a particular genre of horror for your edification and entertainment. This installment explores body horror.

Check it out on my Big Cartel page. If you need to catch up on the first issue, I've got a few copies left.