Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Strahd Loves, Man Kills Review at Halls of the Nephilim


Justin Ryan Isaac was kind enough to post a review of the first issue of Strahd Loves, Man Kills on his blog Halls of the Nephilim. It is, of course, pleasing to see such laudatory things said about my humble zine, but I wanted to pick out one particularly line in Justin's review because he really hit upon something I'm trying to do with the zine: "It's not flashy and feels like a throwback. I really like that aspect of it."

I'm so glad someone noticed that! We live in an era where small creators have the tools to make things that are on par, quality-wise, with major publishers. And that is fantastic, I don't begrudge anyone going full flash at all, but I wanted to make something that felt like the product of an excited amateur that harkened back to the first zines I encountered in the early 90s. I'm going for the feel of a "fanzine," nothing glossy, nothing too polished. I'm working from high quality photocopies, stapling them together by hand, and addressing every envelope that gets sent out. I hope people appreciate the personal touch that goes into it, even if it results in an imperfect-yet-enthusiastic zine.

Plus, it helps me to keep the price down. $6 for 28 pages of gaming content is a pretty good deal, I reckon.

I have a few copies of the first issue still available here, and the second issue is also still available but going fast.