Monday, January 9, 2017

The Poisoning of Falastur

Campaign: Adventures in Middle-Earth


  • Heva the Small, Woodman Slayer -- a harrowed woman haunted by visions of the growing Shadow
  • Odo Hayfoot, Shire Hobbit Treasure Hunter -- a reluctant adventurer with a greed for gold
  • Thuradiel, Mirkwood Elf Wanderer -- a world-weary traveler who tires of life in Middle-earth

Objectives: Escort the beleaguered people of Falastur to safety in Duryn.


  • On the way to Falastur the party is ambushed by Orcs, who are dispatched with some difficulty.
  • Also discovered: a ransacked warden's tower; the wardens lay slain inside, but are given hasty burials as time seems to be of the essence. It's clear that the wardens were killed by brutish blades, but some also bear the marks of beastly fangs. A dark army is on the march.
  • Arrival in Falastur unveils that the town has been repeatedly raided by a horde of Orcs riding gigantic black cats. The people of Falastur are not just terrorized; they have become distrustful of each other and quick to anger--the Shadow is upon them!
  • An audience with the town's elders reveals that the Orcs seem to be searching for something or someone. It is also discovered that the town's granaries have been pillaged and the town's well has been defiled with poison. Words of debased Black Speech have been left to on both to mark their desecration.
  • Before an orderly exit from Falastur can be organized, the horde attacks again in numbers scarcely believable. The party holds off the horde as best they can as a train of wagons is put into motion so that the folk may seek shelter in Duryn. The cat-riders harry the train, but ultimately are dissuaded from giving pursuit.
  • Falastur is set aflame behind them as they flee, but its people are safely escorted to the walls of Duryn. An unforeseen Shadow lengthens across the land--whose impure strength guides this horde of Orcs and dire panthers to march upon Middle-earth?