Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Ashford "Twins" and Patterson Creed

This pair are not twins, as such; one of them was abducted by an insane mage and cloned as a being of the opposite gender—they share the same memories, so neither is sure which is the original. They use their uncanny synchronicity to bewilder their foes.

Occupation. Leaders of the Carrion Worms gang.
Appearance. Human, androgynous, lean, blonde hair chaotically shaved and spiked, dressed in stylish light armor.
Abilities. Street fighting, smuggling.
Traits. Greedy, competitive.
Ideal. To uncover the secrets of their origins and create an army of Ashford simulacra.
Bond. Unbreakable bond with each other.
Flaw. They care more about each other than anyone else.

Patterson Creed is the third son of a wealthy merchant, and it was expected that he would join the Covenant rather than enter into the family business. Instead, he left home to find Esme Corvinus and restore her to the Empire's throne.

Occupation. Knight errant.
Appearance. Human, handsome, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, wears a bandanna over his mouth.
Abilities. Magic-enhanced marksmanship, mystical teachings, mercantile matters.
Traits. Calculating, laconic.
Ideal. Live by the gun, die by the gun.
Bond. Devoted to Esme Corvinus.
Flaw. Treats others, and himself, harshly.

* * *

This is a preview of the "supporting cast" section of the Umberwell book, which has a meaty section on contacts that your criminal character might know. The Ashfords and Patterson Creed are examples of who you might know in Umberwell.