Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hamada, the Reaver of Cinderheim

Despite her beastly sobriquet—“the Reaver”—Hamada’s nature runs contrary to the untamed savagery of most gnolls; Hamada possesses an orderly mind, and is a student of careful, calculated military stratagem. Hamada’s raids are always a means to an end—they are designed to test the enemy’s responses and gauge their prowess and tactics in preparation for the larger battles to come.
  • Appearance. Gnoll, rusty brown fur, dresses in well-maintained armor, knightly demeanor.
  • Abilities. Military history, warfare.
  • Traits. Patient, always three steps ahead.
  • Ideal. Unite the encampments of Cinderheim into a kingdom that she alone rules.
  • Bond. Wishes to fulfill her husband’s ambitions.
  • Flaw. Has difficulty adjusting when her plans go awry.
  • Warband. Yrkala boasts the most well-trained warband of all the encampments of Cinderheim.

  • The Honor Guard. The Honor Guard is a squadron of seasoned flind warriors sworn to protect Hamada. They fight using flails, glaives, and bone-whips.
  • The Ghostwise. The Ghostwise are a unit of stealthy desert halflings employed by Hamada to act as scouts, riflemen, and snipers for her warband. Their ability to approach unseen and unheard is legendary.
  • Nysana. Nysana is a pureblood serpentfolk sorceress who believes that her position and wealth will rise with Hamada’s as she conquers the other encampments. She has a natural talent for shadow magic.

Before Hamada the Reaver deposed the prior leader of Yrkala, it was a chaotic encampment whose population was prone to infighting. Hamada’s reign has ushered in a period of militaristic reform; Yrkala’s warband now drills daily, and the encampment is forging itself anew as a disciplined war machine.
  • Population. Gnolls make up three-fifths of the population of Yrkala, with lizardfolk, humans, catfolk, and dragonborn comprising the rest of the populace.
  • Aesthetic. Rounded buildings of sandstone and marble, decorated with ornate, colorful ceramic tiles.
  • Supplies. Pottery, weapons, leather, salted meat. Yrkala’s plentiful water supply comes from mountain runoff collected in cisterns.

  • The Temple of Yrkal. The Temple is a place of profane worship dedicated to Yrkal, the Demon Lord of War and Conquest. Hamada’s supporters have infiltrated the temple to insinuate that she is the demon's mortal daughter.
  • The Chattel Market. The Chattel Market is an open market where slavers buy and sell people captured in raids. Hamada’s agents buy any promising warriors.
  • The Fated Obelisk. The Fated Obelisk is an obsidian spire at the center of Yrkala. Residents believe that it brings good luck if offerings are placed at its base.

  • Copy Hamada’s war plans on behalf of another warlord.
  • Convince Nysana, the shadow sorceress, to turn on her master when she least suspects it.
  • Kidnap Naimir, Hamada’s husband, to use as a bargaining chip to insure peace in the region.
  • Liberate a slave from the Chattel market.

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