Monday, July 16, 2018

The Nine Hex-Marked Houses

Although the noble classes were relieved of the burden of political power many generations ago by a populist uprising, nine hex-marked houses of aristocratic tiefling witches and warlocks cling to feuds that stretch back through the ages; these hostilities often erupt in street violence between gangs of partisan cavaliers or duels to the death between courtiers. The magical melees between House Stockwither and House Bao are particularly brutal. The members of each house bear the black sigil of their family magically branded onto their left hands.


  • The House of Bao. The tieflings of House Bao are gifted with powers of conflagration and darkness. 
  • The House of Demian. The tieflings of House Demian are gifted with powers that bend their victims’ will. 
  • The House of Kortigo. The tieflings of House Kortigo are gifted with powers of illusion. 
  • The House of Malrouge. The tieflings of House Malrouge are gifted with powers of force and entrapment. 
  • The House of Moriah. The tieflings of House Moriah are gifted with powers of madness and disease. 
  • The House of Renash. The tieflings of House Renash are gifted with powers of stealth and deceit. 
  • The House of Stockwither. The tieflings of House Stockwither are gifted with powers of ice and frost. 
  • The House of Underhill. The tieflings of House Underhill are gifted with powers of control and manipulation. 
  • The House of Vexenvolk. The tieflings of House Vexenvolk are gifted with fiery, violent powers.