Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Umberwell: Goliaths, Half-Elves, Halflings, Half-Orcs

Races that populate Umberwell:

Goliaths are more adapted to lives of rugged exploration than life in the metropolis, but it is not unusual for goliaths to serve in Umberwell’s Militia or Navy. Several top officials of the Ministry of Shields are decorated goliath generals and admirals. Goliath cultural celebrations often involve axe-throwing competitions, caber tossing, and marathons.

Due to the influx of elves from civil war in Raben Vol Shai, there has been a marked rise in the birth of half-elves in Umberwell. In many ways, half-elves are held up as emblematic of Umberwell’s culture; they represent, whether they want to or not, the city’s emphasis on being a safe haven, the blending of cultures, and the possibilities engendered by modernity. It is currently quite fashionable to be dating a half-elf, which many half-elves find horribly objectifying. 

The halflings’ deep-seated culture of hospitality makes them ideal proprietors of Umberwell’s many inns, taverns, and places of entertainment. It is common for halflings to be found operating eateries, pouring drinks at a public house, or acting as the master of ceremonies at a cabaret.

Half-orcs are not a naturally occurring race; they are convicted criminals whose bodies have been altered by an infusion of chemical essences derived from the pineal glands of orcs to better perform hard labor as part of their state-mandated sentences. This process, called “reformation,” results in a stronger, malformed, and enduring being stripped of their original identity. As part of their punishment, half-orcs are renamed with ugly, guttural appellations that denote their status as convicted criminals. Once their prison sentences are up, half-orcs are not returned to their original state—this is meant to serve as a visible deterrent for other would-be criminals.