Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Factions in Cinderheim

What factions exist amid the hellblasted deserts of Cinderheim?

The Riders of Golgoth are a posse of demon-warped desperadoes unaligned with any of the seven encampments or their demonic masters. The Riders travel the wastes, mercilessly slaughtering and cannibalizing any travelers or settlements within their power to overrun.

The Black Powder Apostles are a secret society of faithful servants of the gods of good. Although their membership is drawn from disparate religions and systems of belief from across the world, they have banded together to purge Cinderheim of abyssal corruption. The see themselves as sacred exorcists.

The most influential, wealthy, and cunning merchants of the seven encampments belong to a consortium known as the Wheel. The Wheel works in secret to consolidate economic power, undermine Cinderheim’s warlords, and exert mastery over the desert’s settlements through control of vital resources.

The Architects are a group of devils, infernal cultists, and their enthralled servants who wish to usurp demonic influence over Cinderheim. They plot to replace abyssal sovereignty with a diabolic tyranny at the behest of the Bureaucracy of Hell.

The Maiden’s Templars are a warband of holy knights occupying a self-sufficient fortress in the mountains of Cinderheim. They serve Lady Janaina, a virginal zealot who has brought her most loyal warriors to Cinderheim to wage war against demonic evil to atone for her father’s prodigious sins.

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