Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cosmopolitan Melange, Undead Citizens, Urban Warzone

Umberwell's populace is an anarchic mix of races. Humans rub shoulders with elves, dwarves, and halflings, as well as with stranger folk such as dragonborn, ravenfolk, gnomes, froglings, and catfolk. Even peoples who are regarded as sinister—such as goblinoids, half-orcs, lizardfolk, tieflings, and serpentfolk—are welcome to seek citizenship in Umberwell’s freewheeling polity.


Although they no longer number among the living, intelligent undead are considered to be citizens possessing of rights under the laws of Umberwell. Nevertheless, enfranchisement has not curbed disdain for the living, as evidenced by the schemes of prominent undead citizens such as the blight-eyed vampire Lord Rosk, the sewn-mouthed lich Lady Vonge, and the deathless ghast priestess Norrixa Malakhan.


Umberwell is often a battleground for brawls between opposed factions, rivals, and ideological opponents. The propriety-based contentions between the minions of the manticore prince Praetor Muz and fans of Rua Ibrahim, a popular medusa veil-dancer, sometimes explode into open warfare, and the eternal Netherwar fought between the demons and devils of the lower planes has been known to engulf entire wards of the city when hostilities break out anew.