Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Dangers of Piety

The Church of Saintly Blood is generally regarded as a beneficial institution in Krevborna, but nothing in that blighted land is free from corruption. Even the sacred creed has a dark side. The following personages illustrate the worm that gnaws at the heart of faith:

Mad Barnabas is a ferocious assassin sent by the Choristers to deal with heretics who prove adept at evading or defeating the Church's more conventional forces. Clothed in stinking furs and rags, the single-minded Barnabas unerringly tracks his prey.

A woman of many assumed names and guises, Sister Artemisia is a nun who operates as the Church's spymaster. Her network of informants is omnipresent, and her prowess with a stiletto is legendary.

Revered Emeriana had been marked as a strong candidate for canonization, but she fell ill with a disease that transformed her into a monstrous horned thing that now stalks the Silent Forest.