Monday, March 20, 2017

The Seeker of Knowledge and the Destroyer of Knowledge.

Two more figures of intrigue to be wary of in night-haunted Krevborna:

Rumored to be a professor of the dark arts at the Malcovat, Doctor Ulric Montmort makes rare appearances in Krevborna. The aim of these sabbaticals is almost always in service of discovering rare books of occult lore that would aid in his unhallowed researches, which center on the connection between the nature of nightmares and other planes of existence. 

Swithun Vanderhaus is a defrocked priest who served the Church by infiltrating the criminal underground to gather information. The truths he uncovered soured him to the Church's purpose, and he seeks further knowledge hidden by the Church that he believes is inherently dangerous and must be destroyed before it can pose a further menace to mankind.