Misc. Actual Play Reports

Blades in the Dark
Blades in the Dark

Call of Cthulhu


5e D&D
Playing D&D in Virginia with Goths, Punks, and Metalheads with Important Jobs
Hot Ghost Pirate on Ghost Pirate Action
Into the Tomb of Lornegreene

5e D&D: Cinderheim 

5e D&D: Umberwell
The Case of the Abducted Drake
One Night at Fayaz's
Evil in the Depths of Kojiyuma Temple
Slaughtering a Ratman Gang in the Weird Basement of a Black Metal Club
Wreath of Barbs
That Spelljammer Belongs in a Museum!
Post-Traumatic Adventure Syndrome
The Incursion at the Heigelman Clinic
The Sacrifice of Degenerate Art by Men Made of Salt
Attack of the Wigmother
They Were Nearly Killed by a Percy Shelley Poem
Enter the Excruciata
Aboard a Blood-Hunting Ship
Rumble in the Urban Jungle
We Kidnapped Your Son, Sell Us Dragon Blood
The Dark of a Tavern in the Cemetery
Misery and Death Have Their Own Staccato Rhythm
A Giant is an Accumulation of Ambitions
The Rise of the Forsaken Fangs
Against the Frog Pirates
Burning Down a Murder Brothel
The Sack of the Emerald Citadel
Dragonslaying in Swampy Majere
Under the Demon Sun

Adventures in Middle-earth


Satanic Cavaliers of the Infernal Galaxy
Tales From the Loop