Krevborna Actual Play Reports


Dreams of the Nephilim

Creedhall Mysteries

The Return

Losing a Fight in a Frontier Tavern
The Cleric and the Cannibals
Tarts, Elder Gods, and New Companions

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The Alchemist's Baleful Hound
The House Locked in Enmity
The Watcher in Darkness Opens His Eyes
The Curse of the Moroi
The Isle of Bonnie Maedra
The Horror of Art
Slavery in Life, Slavery in Death
The Burning of the Elegy
The Bloody Palm
The Three Sisters and Their Writhing Entrails
The Changeling Barber of Windermere Parish

The Arrival of the Master
Into the Death House
The Taste of Wormwood
Fresh Graves for Old Bones
The Passion of St. Othric
The Fiend of Uriel
A Will is a Prophecy of Death Waiting to be Fulfilled
Weighing the Soul of a Devil
The Hand of the Driftwood King
The Bloodbath at the Gallows
Assault on Bolgakof Castle
The Grail Tomb Beneath the Church of St. Othric
Looting a Tomb with a Saint's Permission
The Dove of Eisengraz
The Diplomatic Manse of the Unseelie Court
The Master Claims a Soul
A Sacrifice in Eisengraz
The Darkness is Hungry, Unfettered and Eternal

The Swords of Avernus
The Betrayal of Targos Draghul

Game of Fangs
Character Creation and First Session
Demonic Possession Ruins Dinner Party
Unwanted Audiences in a Vampire Court

Unwelcome Guests in the Malcovat

One Shots
The Villanoska Mystery
A Tale of Two Fraudulent Spiritualists
The Sins of the Father